Therapy Fees and Payment

Therapy is a very personal endeavor and the quality of the relationship with a therapist is an important element in doing effective work.

butterfly on stack of stonesI’ve been in practice for over twenty years and have committed much more than that to learning in the arenas in which I practice (awareness practices, body-mind-energy work, dealing with crises and trauma, addressing early life and other unconscious blocks to living freely and happily). I’ve done therapy and supervision work with many people who themselves are therapists.


My fee for assessment and therapy is $175 per 55-minute session.  For time spent writing evaluations, I charge at the same assessment/therapy rate, prorated for the amount of time spent writing.

Payment Options

Fees are due at the time of service.  Checks, credit cards, health savings accounts, and cash are accepted. Many insurance policies have some coverage for mental health services.

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