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Transpersonal = beyond the personal, beyond the ego

There is an arena of study in which psychology, consciousness practices, and  psychospiritual experiences overlap; it is the realm of transpersonal psychology and it offers a holistic-integral perspective on health, development, and therapy. Transpersonal psychology provides a context in which psychospiritual, nonordinary, and paranormal topics can be addressed along with the more traditional concerns of psychotherapy and practical concerns of everyday life.

transpersonal psychospiritual illustrationThe root of the term “transpersonal” means “beyond the mask,” and refers to self-transcendence – that is, the movement from an exclusive and narrower sense of personhood (“I am this, not that.”) to one that is broader, deeper, and more inclusive than the everyday personal self.

Transpersonal psychologists orient to possibilities of awareness, development, and experience not traditionally addressed in psychoanalytic, (cognitive) behavioral, and humanistic schools of thought.

Transpersonal Psychology

As a field, transpersonal psychology acknowledges the reality and relevance of higher states of being, mystical states, meditative experiences, nonordinary or paranormal experiences, dreaming, near-death experiences, archetypal phenomena, transcendent encounters with the natural world… as well as many other topics. 

A commonly-addressed theme in transpersonal psychology is the fundamental nonduality of reality, which recognizes that every part of a person and their experience is fundamentally not separate from some larger, more comprehensive Self or whole. Simultaneously, transpersonal counselors and therapists typically believe in the intrinsic health and basic goodness of the whole person as well as each of their parts and their diverse experiences.

Transpersonal psychotherapy helps clients explore what supports or hinders the growth, healing, and unfolding of consciousness – and the evolution of the self.  

Benefits of Transpersonal Therapy

Clients who might benefit from a transpersonal perspective in psychotherapy would include those who are:

  • Pursuing a spiritual discipline and/or a traditional or nontraditional spiritual path – and are facing issues of how to integrate that practice into effective functioning in everyday life
  • Not sure they can talk about their psychospiritual practice or nonordinary experiences in the context of a therapy relationship because they’re concerned their perhaps nontraditional approach or experiences won’t be validated or understood
  • Drawn to such practices as yoga, energy work, nontraditional body-mind healing paths, mysticism, shamanic journeying, or who have had spontaneous nonordinary experiences – and who want to address both their everyday life struggles even as they pursue their deeper inner journey
  • Facing issues of depression, anxiety, loss of meaning, or difficulties in career or relationships – issues that everyone faces – but need an environment where those issues can be dealt with in a transpersonal context
  • Wanting to learn tools for mindfulness and meditation practice. And further, wanting a place to dialogue about how awareness and nondual “practices” intersect with and can help change our experience of daily life – even as we live it fully in an embodied and practical way.

Transpersonal Psychology, Counseling, and Therapy

Transpersonal psychology, counseling, and therapy offer a holistic-integral perspective for understanding ourselves and our opportunities for development. My doctoral dissertation was on the topic of mystical experience and mental health – and integrating body, mind, consciousness, and relationship is an area of particular interest to me as a psychologist, as a psychotherapist, as a coach, and as a person.

In transpersonal psychotherapy, one’s everyday life, work, relationships, body, and sexuality are all seen as important aspects of one’s whole self. Transpersonal therapy treats these domains as integral aspects of the great work that embraces psychospiritual practice rooted both in the mysteries of life and in everyday living.

Be who you are and live your path.

Are you looking for a counselor or therapist who can help you make space for all of who you are, and support you in living the unique blend of body, heart, mind, and essence that you are?

Contact Dr. Charles Martin or schedule an appointment if you are interested in counseling and therapy that has room for your whole self.

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