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Wake Up and Live Well – Embrace the Mystery and Cultivate your Life

In this blog, I want to touch on the topics of waking up and living well. Each involves its own kind of practice – and ...
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It’s All Content, Even The Observer –  Nondual Practice and Resting in What Is Never Gone

In two previous blogs, I wrote about three broad realms of human experience – Everyday Consciousness, the Subconscious (Intermediate) realm, and The Source. The realms ...
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Everyday Consciousness, The Realm of Power, and Source (Part Two) – Destinations and Distractions in the Psychospiritual Journey

In Part One of this article (Everyday Consciousness, The Realm of Power, and Source (Part One) – A Map for the Levels of the Psychospiritual ...
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Everyday Consciousness, The Realm of Power, and Source – A Map for the Levels of the Psychospiritual Journey (Part One)

“Well, obviously, I’m an individual separate self. And so are other people. And there are things out there in the world. It’s apparent to anyone ...
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Rest as Awareness: Nondual “Practice” and the Direct Path

Sitting on the beach. One moment caught in thoughts. And then – in an instant – there is simply experience. There is no you. Ocean, ...
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Mindfulness Basics – Everyday Life as Practice and the Practice of Mindfulness Meditation

Be here now. Pay attention! Let your thoughts, feelings, and experiences go by like logs on a river. Focus on your future. Envision success. Be ...
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The Experience of Freedom – Mindfulness and Direct Awareness (Nonduality)

Let me be clear. This article is about freedom. Freedom from habit. Freedom from fixation. And most especially, freedom from a painfully narrow experience of ...
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What Gets In the Way? Awareness, and Obstacles to Living What You Already Are

Why do I keep seeing a fight when there isn’t one? Why do I keep getting twisted up worrying about my partner leaving me? Why ...
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The Paradox of Acceptance – Change Happens by Befriending Our Parts

Most people come to therapy and psychospiritual practices seeking to change all or part of who they are. Discomfort is a powerful motivator, and when ...
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Being Grounded Is Being in Contact with Your Experience – Not Resisting It

Being fully present depends on your capacity to be grounded directly in your actual experience – in what is happening now. Grounding consists of contact. Contact with the ...
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